Holistic health is more than exercising

Self care is important

Treatments, is an essential pillar of holistic health, focusing on the nurturing of both the body and mind. It encompasses various practices, from relaxing massages to stress coaching and lymphatic massage, all designed to restore balance and harmony.

In our fast-paced world, taking time for different treatments is more than a luxury; it’s a necessity. These practices not only alleviate physical tension but also help manage stress, improve mental well-being, and boost the body’s natural healing processes. By prioritizing self-care, we empower ourselves to lead healthier, happier lives, ultimately contributing to our overall holistic well-being. Check below to see what we offer to support you!

Traditional Hawaiian massage

A traditional Polynesian healing practice, also known as Lomi Lomi massage, is characterized by its rhythmic and flowing movements using hands, forearms, and sometimes elbows to perform long, continuous strokes. It offers health benefits like releasing muscle tension, increasing blood circulation and lymphatic flow.


Health Coaching

Through the expertise of our health coach, you’ll get tools to understand your health better, improve your sleep, work with stress and work to better the overall health and well-being.

Choose between a one-off coaching session to several!



Sports Massage

This form of massage not only aids in the prevention and rehabilitation of sports-related injuries but also promotes improved flexibility, range of motion, and circulation, enhancing an athlete’s performance and recovery.


Lymphatic Massage

Relaxing and soothing, take the time for yourself and your lymphatic system with this wonderful treatment. Book from 60-90 minutes, a one-off treatment or a package. Great for both woman and men, young and old.


Tactile Massage

A soft and gentle massage to relax and let go for a moment. Suits you when you need to slow down and relax.


Relaxing & Head massage

If you are looking for a treatment to offer yourself a moment of relaxation and unwinding, this is what you are looking for. Relaxing massage is a treatment with natural oil for the whole body and includes a head massage.


Thank you for helping me observe parts of my body that I never observed before.

MONA jby

Josie has a tremendous way of bringing you into the present moment and your body. The constant reminder of being 'gentle' with oneself touches you on a deeper level.

IDA jby

Before I went to your yin-class I actually really didn't like the practice. But after years of backpain I finally feel better and my range of movement has improved. Now I love practicing yin!