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Embark on your personal wellness journey with Prehab GBG’s membership, tailored to meet your health and fitness goals. Gain access to our modern gym facilities, prepared with epic equipment to support your own workout routines. Our diverse range of group classes are not just there to motivate and support your goals, but also to enjoy a sense of community and support with like-minded individuals.

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Prehab GBG is committed to supporting individuals on their health journeys, recognizing the significance of prioritizing well-being, especially in the demanding context of work. We believe that taking care of one’s body is integral to achieving professional success and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Our corporate membership is designed to extend this philosophy to the workplace, fostering a culture of holistic health and fitness among employees.

At Prehab GBG, we emphasize the importance of team collaboration beyond office boundaries. Our corporate membership not only provides access to our fitness facilities and treatments, but also encourages team-building activities outside the conventional work environment. We believe that fostering a sense of camaraderie through shared fitness experiences contributes not only to individual well-being but also to a more vibrant and cohesive work community. Join us in promoting a holistic approach to health, where the well-being of the individual and the strength of the team go hand in hand.

Click here for our one-time workout-deal for your team in January or February 2024, or call 0760743676 / email to plan your 2024 corporate wellness endeavours with us!

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