Now is your time.

Invest in Yourself!

Enjoy the ride of self-care and moving your body.

What is functional training?

Functional training is centered on movements that mirror daily activities, fostering overall body functionality and strength. This approach not only improves balance, flexibility, and coordination but also enhances core stability. Engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously during functional training contributes to increased efficiency and time-saving workouts. Furthermore, it plays a crucial role in injury prevention, promoting resilience and adaptability in real-world scenarios, making it an essential component for holistic fitness.

All classes are coached in Swedish or English!


Our classes and workout space

Power Pavillion

The gym, called Power Pavilion, offers thematic classes, individual workouts and personal training to target your body in different ways.

Free weights, barbells, tools and machines to support your functional training! SWEATY. FUN. CHALLENING.

The classes here are called POWER:CIRCLE and HIIT!

The Yoga Studio

Come as you are and onto your mat! We experiment with different traditions like Yin-yoga, Vinyasa and Yin-Yang.

You’ll be guided by experienced and well-trained teachers from Sweden, Spain & Finland. We have mats, bolsters and all other props you may need!

You find Yoga:Dynamic, Yoga:Yin and Yoga:Dynamic/Yin in the schedule.

The Arena

We build thematic classes and interval classes like TABATA, as well as engaging your body through more classic strengthening practices and techniques like PILATES and CORE.

We believe in routines and diversity to keep it interesting yet powerful.

Open Air

To spice it up a little bit, we’ll also take the opportunity to be outdoors when we can, either on the terrace right outside the studio or by the water, overlooking the beautiful and invigorating sky-line of Gothenburg!

Meeting Point

We have a meeting/conference space in our studio for you to book. You can book this for you and your team, to switch up your work environment for a few hours or day. Included in this package is either a workout coached by our team or a informative presentation about holistic health.

Email “Meeting Point Booking” to for price and booking.

Unsure of where to start?
Book your PT-sessions HERE.


I am new to this, can I still workout here?

Our classes suite both beginners and experienced workout’ers! There is always a Personal Trainer around to coach you if you are unsure or have any questions.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes you can, we have a 2 months cancellation policy on all autopay memberships. Send an email to and we will help you.

Is there an age policy at the studio?

Minimum age is 20 at our studio.

Thank you for helping me observe parts of my body that I never observed before.


Josie has a tremendous way of bringing you into the present moment and your body. The constant reminder of being 'gentle' with oneself touches you on a deeper level.


Before I went to your yin-class I actually really didn't like the practice. But after years of backpain I finally feel better and my range of movement has improved. Now I love practicing yin!