We are here for the wellness of the

Corporate World!

Workouts with or for your team

You and your team can book your own, private class coached by a personal trainer or sports coach. Depending on your team’s needs you can choose between a range of classes like pilates, tabata, yoga, HIIT and circle training.

As an employer your can also invest in your team’s health- and fitness journey by buying “Company credits”. It’s like a class/clip-card, but with minimum 50 classes to be divided amongst the employees as you prefer.

  • 50 credits: 139:-/credit
  • Up t0 250 credits: 119:-/credit
  • 251-499 credits: 109:-/credit
  • 500+ credits: 96:-/credit

To book your private team class or to discuss company credits, write to info@prehabgbg.se and mark the email with “Corporate”!

We look forward to see you and your team here with us as you invest in health for the employees!

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